We provide your registration information to Onfido, one of the UK's leading identity services providers, who will verify your identity against government, public and proprietary databases including Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. This check is made during sign up, and for the vast majority of customers is completely unobtrusive.

In the unlikely event that this information can only be partially matched, you will need to provide government identity documents for further verification. We accept an EU driving license or an EU passport. These are checked for validity and compared with your identity check results and the personal information you supplied.

The easiest way to supply your documents is to take a photo of them on your mobile device and upload them via our sign up pages. Don't worry, if you have started on a desktop computer or laptop, we can text a link to your phone that will let you take your photo then return to your computer to finish the sign-up. Otherwise you can scan your identity documents into a JPEG or PDF file and upload them via the website.

Most of the issues we experience with identity documents are resolved by ensuring the image you take is of a high enough resolution that our optical readers can validate all text and images. Ensure you use a high resolution camera or scanner (the camera on the back of a mobile phone is usually higher resolution than the front, for example) and in a well lit area. Make sure all of the document is within the frame of the image, as some identifying marks can be found on the borders.

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