While international travel is in rapid decline and the Government may even decide to close the UK borders, we know that the availability of travel cash will remain important to some of our customers while they continue to travel, or in preparation for resumption of travel once the Coronavirus epidemic diminishes to safe levels. 

We will continue to provide a travel cash service to our customers and clients as long as our supply chain is able to continue to deliver their part of our service. A comprehensive impact assessment has identified our critical risks as being the failure of wholesale notes supply, the closure of cash distribution centres in Central London, and a reduced or totally shutdown Royal Mail Special Delivery service. 

Despite media claims, the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed on Friday 6 March 2020 that it did not say the Coronavirus was or could be transmitted through the handling of cash notes, and a US CDC comment says “People can possibly get the disease by touching an infected object or surface and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but experts don’t believe this is the main mode of transmission.” 

As there is no cure or treatment for Coronavirus at this time, staff handling notes have been issued with disposable gloves and provided with additional training and support to maintain good hygiene while handling cash – to minimise their own exposure and the likelihood of spreading the virus unknowingly. 

We will keep customers informed about any changes to our services as and when they happen. 

Our thoughts go out to those families affected by COVID-19 and in particular anyone who has lost a loved one before their time. 

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