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4.15 Can you alert me when a target exchange rate is reached?

You can specify a target exchange rate for each supported currency which provides a notification within minutes of that rate being reached. You can make it a one-time notification, or be notified every time the target rate is reached via a repeating alert. You can have multiple one-time notifications on each currency, allowing you to track a rising rate through multiple values and make your order when you think it's peaked. You can however only have one repeating alert in each currency, and we'll only alert you when the exchange rate rises not falls through this rate.

All notifications will be sent automatically by email to your primary email address. These are usually queued for sending immediately, but dependent on volumes at both the sending and receiving ends, it may take a few minutes to arrive. If you are logged in to the website or mobile app, you will also receive an in-app message via the chat badge. You can use the support badge to view all notifications at any time.

Please remember that these alerts are intended to assist customers in getting the best possible exchange rates for their travel money where you are not travelling immediately. They are unsuitable for trading-related activity or anything time-sensitive.

Updated on: 26/04/2023

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