Submitting identity documents

Why do you need to provide an identity document?

In order to comply with Government regulations, we need to confirm the identity of all of our customers. When you place an order with us, we securely submit your personal details to LexisNexis to verify your identity. For most customers this is a quick, easy and non-intrusive way to complete an identity check.

On this occasion, LexisNexis have been unable to confirm your identity via their automated checks. But don't worry, you can simply submit an identity document to us and we will use it to manually verify your identity.

What documents should I submit?

You will need to submit EITHER a UK-issued driving license OR a passport and utility bill.

We will securely store copies of the identity documents for as long as you remain a Customer. Should you change your residential address or surname, we may need to ask you to update these documents.

Please ensure that you do not obscure any part of the document with your fingers, and that any reflected light does not make the document unreadable.

How do I submit my documents?

The most secure way to submit your document(s) is to sign in the website and use the support badge which appears bottom-right to start a chat, and then attach your documents to the chat. These will be securely uploaded and stored in line with our privacy policy. If you prefer, you can upload your documents to your own cloud storage and send us a sharing link by email to travelmoney@

You can take a photo of your document(s) - we do not require scanned copies. However, you must take a photo of the original documents. We are unable to accept photos of duplicates.

Will my order be delayed?

We despatch your order on the afternoon of the business day before delivery is due. So to retain your expected delivery date, please ensure that you provide your identity documents no later than 11am on the business day before delivery is due. This allows us time to review and verify them before the cut-off for despatch.

If you can't get documents to us before 11am on the business day before delivery is due, we will simply push back delivery by one business day for each business dayof delay. We will also confirm any change in delivery date by email.

What if you don't accept my identity documents?

It is pretty unlikely that we won't be able to confirm your identity from the supplied documents, unless they are unclear or obscured. We'll get in touch if we need you to re-submit your documents, or require any clarification.

How to get in touch

Just sign in to the website or mobile app and use the support badge which appears bottom-right to chat with an agent from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. You can also call us on 0203 950 4500.

Updated on: 25/04/2023

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