Done your homework and know what exchange rate you would like to buy at? Don't waste your time keep checking the latest rates - just create an alert then sit back and let us check the rates for you. We'll notify you by email and an in-app message if and when your desired exchange rate is reached so you can purchase the currency in a couple of clicks. For example:

Richard is off to Orlando in 3 months time and wants to know if and when the US Dollar hits $1.35 again. He has created an alert for USD at $1.35 so that if and when that exchange rate is reached, we'll automatically let him know.

You can even create multiple alerts in the same currency so you can find out when a currency is soaring. For example, Richard might create alerts at $1.33, $1.34 and $1.35 so he knows when the currency is heading towards his desired rate of $1.35.

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