Handling travel cash is safe if you follow the same sensible precautions you should apply when using any object which has been handled by someone else. Cash can carry COVID-19 on the surface in the same way that a debit card, card payment machine, ATM or carrier bag can. So handle it as little as you can, touch as little of it as you can, avoid it coming into contact with other possessions, and wash your hands or apply hand gel after handling whenever you can.

Safe preparation

Our distribution centre is thoroughly cleaned every day using EPA-grade disinfectants to ensure preparation surfaces are routinely COVID-free. Staff are asked to apply handgel each time they enter the preparation space, and to regularly clean their hands with soap and hot water as per Government guidelines. Staff are also tested for COVID-19 bi-weekly.

Safe delivery

We use Royal Mail Special Delivery for all our deliveries. Currently Royal Mail are not asking for a signature, and will instead from a safe distance take a photo of the item on your doorstep in front of an open door.

Epidemiologists advise that COVID-19 breaks down quickly under UV and is wiped from surfaces via regular contact. However, the safest approach - just like handling anything which has been handled by third parties - is to wash your hands or apply hand gel in the usual way after touching your delivery.

Safe storage

You should remove your notes from the delivery packaging (unless you have Clean Currency - see below) and leave exposed to sunlight for as long as possible. This will significantly speed up the break down of any virus on the surface. Try to avoid the notes coming into contact with other items in your home, and disinfect afterwards any surfaces you have laid them on.

Safe handling

When carrying it on your person, please ensure it is in a wallet, purse or packaging which prevents it touching other items on your person. Handle notes by the edges, and do not hold them wrapped in your palm, in order to minimise surface area contact. Try to handle your currency as little as possible, and each time you do touch it please wash your hands or apply hand gel. Avoid touching other parts of your body when handling notes - especially your face.

Why worry when you can have Clean Currency (tm)?

To be really confident that your currency is COVID-free, we recommend purchasing Clean Currency (tm), which is available in Euro and US Dollar versions. Exchange rates are exactly the same - your just pay a small additional premium for handling and packaging regardless of the amount you buy. Clean Currency is minted notes repacked in a sterile environment and sealed in tamper-proof bags containing only small denominations to minimise change. We even ship quarantine envelopes so that any change you do accept is safely deposited straight into an envelope and sealed away for later use or charitable donation.

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